Proexotics Ltd.

What We Do...
We specialise in supplying Scotland and the wider UK with high quality Livestock, food supplies and Hardware. As well as stocking many reptiles, amphibians arachnids and mammals we are also able to supply everything that you need to keep your pet of choice healthy and happy.

Why Choose Proexotics Ltd?
Every single person who works with Proexotics has years of reptile keeping experience. Not only do we understand the needs of the animals we care for on a day-to-day basis but we also understand and aim to accomodate the needs of our fellow exotic animal enthusiasts.


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We have a constantly changing selection of high quality Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and mammals for you to choose from. We only take the best quality Livestock from a variety of sources so you can be sure of quality.


From lighting and heating to dishes and décor we stock a wide variety of equipment and accessories. We use all the big brands like Exo Terra, Zoo Med and Lucky Reptile, even if you don’t see exactly what your looking for just ask and we’ll make sure you get it.


As well as our LIVEFOOD which we get fresh in both stores twice weekly we also supply big brand dry foods for most animals and many additional Vitamins and minerals.

Care advice

We take every step to make sure that your animal is receiving the best possible care. We aren’t just available during the sale of an animal but afterwards too, online or on the phone to provide advice and assistance.

Custom Vivariums

We build vivarium’s up to virtually size and use a wide variety of different designs and colours to accommodate your pet’s exact needs.

We Make Custom Vivariums

Proexotics Custom Vivariums will look to deliver a quote for any build with 48 hours.

We will undertake any project of any size and will look to incorporate any additional design features to suit your exact needs. For example toughened glass, additional ventilation, different timber colour.

What our customers have to say...